What's Happening in our Schools 2018

Each year the schools gear up to celebrate reading and our community with SB Reads.

This year is no different.

Read below to see what's happening in our schools as part of this celebration!


School  Events 


At both middle schools, a committee of educators have selected Schooled by Gordon Korman as our One Book title. This is the story of Cap Anderson, who is homeschooled by his hippie grandmother until she is hurt, and Cap must go into a foster home and attend a public middle school. The story is told in diverse perspectives and with humor and insight.  We are encouraging all parents, students and staff to celebrate reading with us by reading and sharing this title. Each school will have an event centered around the book, so stay tuned for more information about dates and times.   

Crossroads North: April 4 

Crossroads South: March 13


Many activities are happening at the high school!

  • SB Reads Tea (tentative date - 2/21)  
  • Teachers have been informed via department videos available on the teacher resource page.  
  • Students who read titles under this theme are asked to fill out a brick that will be displayed in the library. 
Crossroads North  In the library, displays, posters and announcements ask students to participate in reading without walls.  Forms have been provided for students to fill in and these will be put together into a display in the library.